Summary: Aligning HR With Business Strategy

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Aligning HR with Business Strategy
There are numerous techniques that Ford’s HR can use to align its HR activities, principles, and resources with the business’ strategies. Unfortunately, in many instances, organizations develop business strategies without integrating or consulting the HR department. The first strategies that can help FORD align its HR with business strategies is by consulting its HR staff on matters related to business strategies. That is, departments such as marketing, finance, sales, and manufacturing should consult HR so that their short-, medium-, and long-term strategies are supplied with sufficient, skilled, and experienced workers. In worse cases, not consulting HR may result in the other departments getting workers
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Generally, the responsibilities are identification of hiring needs, development of job descriptions, recruitment plans, and organizational chart. HR also conducts recruitments and ensures understanding of collective bargaining agreements by employees and the management (, 2015). HR also prepares jobs and conducts analysis of jobs, reviews applications, and takes part in interview processes.
The preferred position in Ford’s HR is the HR manager, the top and the best job in the department. This post is preferred because of its earning potential, number of job openings available and high career opportunity ratings. In many firms, the median salary stands at $85,000 a year and the position has a career opportunity rating of 3.7. The position is also preferred because a skilled HR manager is core to a business because it determines how dynamic the culture of an organization is, thus its competitive edge and performance. Also, the HR manager is the position on which a firm’s skills and innovativeness depend as it attracts, develops, engages and retains future workers and leaders for the
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The HR should conduct research on the latest HR practices that promote diversity. They must also welcome change, especially from younger and newly trained and employed personnel. Positive organizational change is thus the key to achieving diversity in Ford’s workforce. Ford’s HR can also create the position of chief diversity officer and give it the powers and responsibilities to execute its functions (Heneman & Judge, 2005). Diversity must also be a priority for the firm, especially the CEO. Quality role models, support to employee and mentoring groups, flexible work arrangements, recruitment and promotion of candidates from diverse pools and making the management accountable are the other strategies worth trying

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