Written Interview Questions For Admission To The Teacher Education Program

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Written Interview Questions for
Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Please read and reflect on the following questions. Complete them by typing your response below each question.
These questions will be used for Teacher Education Program admission decisions.

1. How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn 't know you? I think I would describe myself as very bubbly, outgoing, and not very shy. I see myself as a person who treats other’s the way they deserve.
2. Why have you chosen Mayville State University? I grew up in a small town, so while I was looking for schools I wanted a school known for it’s education program and that feels like home. The day I visited Mayville State was the day I decided I was going there.
3. How
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Have you had any previous teaching experiences? If yes, please describe. I have shadowed in classes throughout my high school year. I took every opportunity that was given to me to get into an elementary classroom or being around kids. I assisted elementary teachers, job shadowed in classrooms, and coached young children in t-ball.
5. What do you feel might be the greatest challenge to becoming a teacher? I personally think pleasing every parent of the children in my classroom will be my biggest challenge. I have been told it will not happen, it can’t happen. I have dealt with parents before while coaching, and though it was very difficult, I got through it feeling more confident than before.
6. What do you believe to be attributes of an effective teacher? And, which of those described do you possess? I think you have to be a people person, and that you need to have patience and wisdom. Those seem to be the most effective characteristics in educators. I was once told you can know any subject, ace every test, but if you’re not a people person or know how to teach, you will fail as a
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What is your motivation for becoming a teacher? I want to feel the accomplishment of helping children with not just school work, but every day life. There are some teachers out there who do not care about a student’s wellbeing. I don’t just want to become a teacher; I want to because a role model.

9. Who or what has influenced you in becoming a teacher? I have to give credit to my second grade teacher, Mrs. Hein. She is the reason I went into elementary education. I shadowed her, assisted her, and visited her classroom every chance I got, and I still visit when I go home. She was the best teacher I have ever had, and has taught be what kindness is and why it is so important when becoming a teacher.

10. If you have chosen a major and/or minor, what was the reason for your choice? I was not set on a minor until I visited the special education room in Hatton Elementary. When I was in high school, I enjoyed talking and doing activities with the special needs kids, and when I visited Hatton’s special education room, it made me realize this is a big part in what I want to do with my

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