Writing Process : Making Art Essay

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Painting an Essay
My writing process is similar to making art in many ways. When painting, one has to be delicate and deliberate, hoping for the best, but working with mistakes. The colors on the canvas are softly brushed onto the paper, and the sketch below drafts a form created from the depths of the mind. Every word must come together to create an image that speaks to the audience. A lot of the process is involved even before putting my pencil to the page. I have to come up with an idea of what to even draw in the first place, and I have to find some kind of inspiration that will guide me. This is the same with my writing process, especially when assigned a topic. I have to find some source of inspiration for the topic or my writing becomes flat and boring. When painting, I create a rough draft of what I plan to paint. This sketch is often a separate page that is full of scribbles and studies of what I plan to draw, similar to creating an organizational diagram of my writing ideas and picking out what I plan to write about.
More often than not, when I am making art, it doesn’t turn out like I envisioned it. Mental blocks seem to cloud any logic that might concern the art. This can be either a really distressing fact, or something that turns into another beautiful idea. When in art last year, I was finishing my portfolio to be submitted, and at the last minute, self-doubt convinced me it wasn’t good enough. I started over completely, with only a week to finish. I ended up…

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