Reflection Paper About Writing Anything Is Hard

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Writing anything is hard. Before this class I never gave any real thought to my writing I did it because it was something I was told to do. Although writing can be a difficult process, this class helped me to better my writing be teaching me how to better manage my time, use technology, and to be more confident in my writing. Many students lack the skills it takes to manage time when it comes to homework assignments. What I learned is waiting till the last minute to write your papers isn 't going to help you become a better writer, sure you 'll hand the assignment in and might even possibly get a decent grade, but you 're writing itself will never improve. What I really liked about this class is how we made time in class to thoroughly discuss …show more content…
I would grow frustrated when I could make the scrambled words in my head a complete thought. Or how other authors could seamlessly write beautiful stories, by making the words twist and tie together. But then I realized maybe I 'm just not that type of writer. Now I 'm thinking about writing a book. Nothing fancy, or too long. Just a collection of short stories from my adventures of being a cashier at Walmart and all the interesting people I 've met so far. I got the idea when I was telling one of my coworkers a story about a man I had met the previous day, and she jokingly said how easy it would be to fill an entire book with stories about the kind of people you meet as a cashier at Walmart. I 've only been there a month, but already I 've met extremely polite strippers, and people from New York, New Zealand, and South Africa. Everyday something new or funny happens, and I think it would be a good idea to write it all down and try to get it published. This class has taught me so much, I went from being the most unorganized writer to using an outline to write my essays. In this English Composition class I learned how to better manage my time, to use technology to my advantage, and now I 'm even thinking about writing a book, which is a giant change to where I was at the beginning of this semester, and I owe this all to the patience of my instructor and to her through

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