Writing And Writing Of Writing Essay

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Writing used to be so simple. In elementary school, writing was the easiest thing. It all began with the basics, identifying alphabet letters and their sounds, learning that letters and their sounds go together to form words, and writing our names. Some examples include learning how to cross T’s and dot I’s, or even forming simple sentences such as, the cat ran. In middle and high school, those simple sentences became complex sentences. In college, those complex sentences now become compound-complex sentences. We learn how to properly punctuate sentences, using comas and semicolons. Then we learn when they should be used. They may be used between two independent clauses joined by a conjunction, after an introductory phrase or even to join two independent clauses not joined by a conjunction. How overwhelming can writing get? For some writing can be as simple as baking a cake, while others despise the thought of writing anything down. For me, writing has always been a struggle because of procrastination, drafting, and revision.
Procrastination is one of my worst writing habits. Procrastination involves waiting until the last minute to do something. Procrastination can be a problem because it can cause one not to succeed. When individuals procrastinate, they tend to rush through things because they have less time than what they originally did. By rushing through things, it can cause the final product to lack in quality and quantity. It can also cause goals not to be met. When…

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