Work Stress Essay

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The majority of us live a busy life. Our typical day starts rushing, either to go to work, attend to our families, do house works, and accomplish unending chores etc. And ironically, after all the work we did all day, we finished it by planning the work we will do for the next day and the bad thing is, rewarding ourselves with late night sleeps. We work long hours and so hard, we forget to rest, only stop if we need to, or only till we feel so tired and so stressed. On the other hand, when we do the same job every day in routine, it provides us a monotonic activity. We feel unchallenged, bored and stressed. Although daily stresses we feel can either be positive or negative. Some stresses can be good for us because it provides us motivation …show more content…
Stress at work is the result of unhappy work place, caused by constant pressure in beating work deadlines, hearing too much noise, very warm office, unappreciated work etc. Work related stress can also manifest as hot temper, uncontrollable anger, or could even result to violence or suicidal tendencies when not controlled. These issues should be given importance because if not controlled or dealt with, work stress related problem, in worst case scenarios, could take life or property. These problems if not solved do not only affect the workers but the company they work for as well. According to the study done by Equitable Life Insurance Company, it states that “the cost of American Company for one employee suffering from chronic headaches is $3,394 a year, but the yearly cost to business for stress-related illnesses is much, much more” (Singer). Controlling stress related problem in the workplace may not be easy. However, addressing and solving the issue is possible with an open mind management and responsible human resources. When both works together armed with simple and effective strategies, the problem could be resolved. Overall, helping employees relieve stress problems benefits employees and employers

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