Why Should Animals Be Tested Essay

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Why should animals be tested to make consumer products?
“With all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one” (William of Ockham). Animals generally are used to be tested on by researchers for a various amount of reasons. Researchers and scientists worldwide, are determined to find solutions to finding cures to diseases, and any other consumer products, that humans use. The term FDA (Food Drug Administration) was created in the year of 1906, by Theodore Roosevelt and Harvey Washington Wiley. This act was made to ensure that all consumer products are to be approved and protected by the public health before the products are released to be used by people. Animals are tested on by researchers before all consumer products are released to the FDA. The purpose of animal testing gives researchers a good estimate as to if the consumer product is useful or not useful to humans. Shortly after this time period, a law called the Animal Welfare Act was established in the year of 1966. In the U.S, this was also made a federal law that allows the use of treatments and experiments on animals used in research, exhibition, and transport. Even though these animals may die, it makes sense that researchers discover if a certain consumer product actually works. The Animal Welfare Act was made in Britain in the year of 1876. The U.S congress decided to expand on their influences socially and economically and thought that this would be better for animals to…

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