Koko's A Change Of Heart About Animals

Animal rights are the benefits that people give to animals. Benefits that people give from human use and abuse and the right to protection from human use and abuse and rights can take the moral, legal and practical forms. According to Rifkin 's article “ A change of heart about animals” there is evidence that animals do feel pain and love. For example, elephants moan when they lose a loved one, Koko knows sign language and understands bunch of words, pigs the react differently when they get what they want or when the allowed to play. And around the world and U.S people really don’t take these points into consideration. Therefore, there should be certain laws to protect theses animals from abuse of non animal lovers.

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This is a solid evedince that tells us hunans are not the only the one who has emotions, feeling and intellegence. accoding to the artile it clearly explains that Koko knows over seveal hunder sign words and has an iq 75 to 90. Majority of people are afraid of aniamls but in case of Koko according to "Daily mail" in facet Koko loves babies so much that she adopted two kittens and treates them as her child even she doesnt have any of her own. And this is not only with gorillas, dogs also understand whatever you tell them to do. And accoding to my past experience my dog saved from getting robbed and he understood me when i would tell him a comand. Our socity tend to know about almost anything and yet somehow there are people that have no clue about animals and their …show more content…
Well animals are also fimiliar with the word emotion and knows well just like us humans. Rifkin talks about pigs and elephanst and their emotions in his article, "A change in heart about animals". When humans lose their loved one we feel sad cry, and it is the same with elephants. when they lose their friend or family member they mourn. Pigs are probably of the most sensitive animals, according to Rifkins article he talks about how pigs need affectionor else they get depressed. It will affect them they whole day and will not participate in any thing, these are solid evedince that tells us to change our minds about animals and understand that they do fell pain, love and have

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