Aldf's Argument For Animal Rights

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Animal rights is a topic that has been all over the news lately and has raised many questions which makes it a controversial topic. Many argue that animals should not obtain rights as humans. However, animals must acquire a Bill of Rights since they are treated inhumanly and have similar traits as humans.
Accordingly, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) claims that animals have the right to earn rights just like any other living creature. The ALDF argues that animals are defenseless against abuse caused by humans. They are underprivileged of protection humans are ought to supply. According to the ALDF, “Deprived of legal protection”. The essence of ALDF’s argument is that animals dispossess constitutional safety. I agree that animals are
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The ALDF’s petition claims “The right of animals to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse”. This abuse and mistreatment is causing animals to be upset. ALDF’s theory that animals are getting injured by humans is useful since it sheds insight on the difficult problems animals are facing including chemicals. Scientists are using animals to test makeup for human use. All these toxic chemicals animals are exposed to are causing tragic skin problems including allergies and cancer which are painful. Even though i agree that animal testing is for human good, i still believe the animals do need rights to prevent these tragic results. Of course many people might probably disagree with this assertion but recent research has demonstrated various situations where animals were subjected to emotional situations that made animals show their ability to feel empathy. According to Jeremy Rifkin in this article “A Change of Heart about Animals”, pigs can crave affection if they are denied their playtime (Rifkin 33). They can even experience depression if they are isolated for a long time. In addition,the government in Germany is encouraging farmers to give pigs 20 seconds of human contact each day and provide them with toys (Rifkin 33). Also, when elephants lose a loved one, they experience grief. Elephants stand over their kin for days and even touch the dead body with their trunks (Rifkin 34). All these studies and many more indicate that animals show empathy toward themselves and others and determine their similarity with humans and this similarity must be accounted for or else it would be like torturing other

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