Sexism And Speciesism: Are Humans Speciesist?

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Are humans Speciesist?

It is deemed that all humans are created equal, and each individual has equal consideration, but do we disperse this same idea of equal consideration to other animals? In 1975, a famous philosopher, contributor to the Utilitarian society, and publisher of Animal Liberation, Peter Singer popularized the term “speciesism”, homologous to sexism and racism, to tackle the very same question above. Peter Singer defines speciesism as, “an attitude of bias against a being because of the species to which it belongs”. My assignment is to advocate Singer’s opinion and determine whether humans are speciesist. Moreover, under the subject of speciesism, determine whether it’s wrong to be speciest, reveal whether humans can be otherwise,
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There are plenty of examples of this occurring in history, but it happens everyday to animals and their environments that they need for survival. Therefore, in the examples down below, I will explain cases of this complexity,and will label any animal or insect as “them”, because humans treat them with all the same kind of inferior respect, and humans as “we”, because there is a clear distinction between the two. To start, we kill predators all over the world because we fear for our own lives as well as pets and livestock, we compete with them for prey and we destroy their habitats to expand our communities and agricultural operations. We contaminate their environment by dumping our pollution into their environments without any consideration or their consent. We wage Pesticidal war for the eradication of their species for the sake of a healthy crop. We justify the execution of them because we feel uneasy of their hideous presence. We cage them in restrictive cages, force feed them, stick them with chemicals, and send them on their way to be beaten unconscious or electrocuted for the sake of our meals. We quickly exterminate pests from our homes because they are unwanted, and “frightening”. We euthanize an animal if it doesn’t exhibit proper behavior. We trap them and strip their carcasses of fur and other byproducts for our trade. …show more content…
It is said that the Earth is currently undergoing its six massive extinction, and all evidence proves it’s been man-made. That is why we must part with our selfish ways, and leave our speciesist ways in the past as we did with racism and sexism. We must look at the facts that each and everyday we engage in such speciesist activities and that it is harmful to the environment. This problem has been known ever since the 1970’s, organizations have been created because of it, but the world still continues on it’s selfish, ignorant way. The farming, the exploitation, and the blatant disregard for such beings and their environment is just unacceptable in today’s progressive day, and if it persistently exists then it is inevitable that we will be part of the sixth mass extinction as

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