Why Schools Should Replace Textbooks With Tablets And E Books

1381 Words Mar 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Did you know that textbooks have existed as far back as the start of writing and schooling? Though textbooks have come a long way, tablets are starting to take its toll on this way of learning. Today, schools are debating over whether to switch their textbooks with tablets and e-books. The technology is increasing, and therefore the demand for e-books are skyrocketing. School districts must decide on whether to keep up with this trend, or to continue using conventional textbooks. This choice would affect not only the future of students, but the future of education as well. As Ginny B. Waite once said, “The world today is changing rapidly, and we are helping to make it better for our children 's future.” Though some may believe that making this switch would be a distraction and pose as a health hazard, I believe that schools should replace textbooks with tablets because there are bigger benefits; it provides means of communication, increases student outcomes, enhances learning, and saves money.
To start off, what are e-books? E-books are books that are made online by using a printer’s source files. The rapid progression in screen technology, processing power, and computing elements have increased the availability of e-books. Along with this, the introduction of e-reading devices in 2007 has drastically increased the demands for these books. Currently, there are hundreds of thousand of books you can read online, many of them including educational books.
Admittedly, many would…

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