Why I Want A Free Backrub Essay examples

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Staring at the stressbusting slogan “Ask me for a free backrub?” I asked myself, “Why would anyone want a stranger’s hand allover”. Yet, numerous students rushed towards the volunteers as their names were called. Curiosity outweighed my wariness, and I found myself placing my name down. “Relax!” My stressbuster said, and for once I did not think of homework or dance practice; I was focused on me. I was not the only though, someone else had taken time out of a busy schedule to personally make sure that I was feeling good. Four months later, I see someone else walk away with the exact same smile I had that day. The only difference is I am now the one behind the chair. Prior to getting stressbusted that day, my idea of community service had been a trip to the homeless shelter to serve food. I had even pictured myself doing rotations at some children’s hospitals to balance my service scale. However, stressbusting was what opened my eyes to the fact that it was not just a certain group of people who deserved my dedication to service. My dedication to service came from growing up in Ibadan, Nigeria, where I constantly saw my Mom never say, “No,” not even when we both knew she should have. I was taught to stop, even on the streets, to help out elderly citizens who looked like they needed extra hands. My Parents would even give up rooms, so as to give shelter to people who had none. With them I was able to learn that one’s community was and is an extension of one’s family.…

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