Essay Why Do Students Procrastinate?

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Why do students procrastinate?
Procrastination has increasingly developed a big issue among students around the world causing inefficiency in students. Estimations indicate that 80%–95% of college students engage in procrastination with 75% consider themselves procrastinators, and the rest 50% procrastinate consistently and problematically (Piers 65). Moreover, these percentages appear to have risen with the constant usage of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. It is reported that students typically occupy over one third of their daily activities, often enacted through sleeping, playing, or movie watching (Piers 65). Majority of students around the world are guilty of a procrastinating act of voluntarily delaying important task despite the effects and consequences. Procrastination usually occurs when student’s fail in understanding his own capabilities and make unclear judgment in organizing and implementing the action needed to successfully complete their task. Several reasons have bought students to procrastinate affecting their education, with no knowledge on how to overcome them.
There are many numerous situations proceeding to why students procrastinate, it could be because they are busy, stressed or they have no real plan to complete a task. Studies about procrastination have shown that students tend to delay or participate less in activities due to a failure in self-regulation which ultimately leads to their poor achievement (Won 68). College students…

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