Essay about Why College Is A Successful Life With A Career

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As of recently the validity of college has been questioned, is it really necessary to have a college education to be successful? In the past, education was the key to a successful life with a career. However as of recently some people don’t even have to earn the much coveted bachelor’s degree to make as much money as a person that went to school to earn such degree. So the question is what is the purpose of college? Is it really worth all the effort, time, sweat, and tears? Even though times have changed and the reason for going to college has taken a financial turn. I’m a firm believer that college certainly has its purpose aside from financial. The person that pushed me to go to college was my mother. In an informal interview I asked her what she thought on the purpose of college. She immediately told me that it was a vital element for me to have a successful future and life. In a poll performed by “Nearly every parent surveyed (94%) says they expect their child to attend college... ("Is College Worth It?")”
For some time the purpose of higher education has been branched. On one side people insist that college is sort of a “coming to age rite” where student could learn and grow in many ways. According to the survey performed by Pew research. Thirty-nine percent of people believe that college main purpose is to open your senses and mind to new things and new ideas ("Purpose of College Education"). From personal experience I could say that being in…

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