Does Coming To College Mean Become Someone New Essay

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Does Coming to College Mean Becoming Someone New? Whether one is just getting out of high school or going back to school, entering the college community is a foreign experience that brings forth a lot of questions on what it will be like. All students attending college for the first time have hopes of getting an education and a degree in the desired field of study. Some assume an education and a degree are the only things they will get out of the college experience. Some might think going to college will change them into a different person. Life in general brings many new adventures that in the beginning seem scary, but if one is willing to adapt to become someone new that uncharted territory will one day become not so foreign. Over all, someone …show more content…
Davis gives reasoning and evidence by studying and informing the reader of the findings of other credible researchers. After educating himself with research of other scholars he than develops his own hypothesis or claim on Does Coming to College Mean Becoming Someone New? Discussing both sides of a claim or argument helps inform the reader of both theories and helps keep the piece seam unbiased at first. With the proper word choice, Davis portrays he has an unbiased opinion of the theory by giving the research findings of two different credible scholars. He informs the reader of both ways to adapt by being a “formalist” or someone who conforms to the forms or ways the certain community writes in or by being an “epistemic” or someone that thinks the way the desired discourse community thinks. He than unfolds his own hypothesis on the topic that both theories are correct but one must also be personally and intellectually connected to the community. He conducts his own research to confirm his hypothesis. Davis uses a very scientific way of portraying his argument with his own research and that of others. Using somewhat of a scientific method by obtaining information on the topic, developing an educated assumption or hypothesis about the theory, then testing the hypothesis to prove the theory is very effective to convince the audience by reasoning and evidence. Portraying the argument with evidence and reasoning Is the final piece after developing an emotional connecting to the audience and establishing

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