What Social Factors Have Shaped Who You Are? Essay

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Use your sociological imagination to reflect on your position in Australian society today. What social factors have shaped who you are?

The Australia in which we live in today has been forced to accept various influences from all over the world. In turn, the humble ‘Australian dream’ has become different for everyone. The way in which we learn the norms and rules of the society that we are a part of has manifested into a development much different to the socialisation process experienced in Australia even just 20 years ago.

Socialisation is said to begin as soon as a child is born. A baby mimics the actions of their parents, as they are the only guiding force they know. A person of such a young age does not yet fathom the concept of ‘sociological imagination’, unable to comprehend the relationship between our individual circumstances and larger social forces. Although I was born in Australia, I was raised by a family of individuals recently emigrated from Russia. Until the age of three, I believed it was completely normal to speak two languages. I believed it was completely normal to have a three-course dinner every night. I believed that everyone’s family was exactly like mine. It was not until I was able to speak fluent Russian with one of my kindergarten teachers, that things became clear. The wonder in the eyes of my fellow three-year-olds who had absolutely no idea what I was saying made it obvious: I was not like everyone else. It is then when I realized the…

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