What Shapes A Biblical Worldview, By Brian J. Walsh And Richard Middleton

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Every person on the earth has a worldview, whether they comprehend it or not. Consequently, one the most foundational topics of Developing a Christian mind has been the concept of a worldview; what shapes them, what they consist of, and how they affect everyday life. There are a few defining characteristics of what shapes a Biblical worldview, such as; Creation, The Fall and Redemption. However, one of the biggest problems with a Biblical worldview is the concept of Dualism, which twists the Biblical canon. All of these factors; creation, the fall, redemption and dualism, shape a Biblical worldview.
The authors of “The Transforming Vision”, Brian J. Walsh and Richard Middleton, define worldviews as “…perceptual frameworks. They are ways of seeing.” (The Transforming Vision Chpt. 1 pg. 17) Worldviews are how we perceive what happens in our world, and “If we want to understand what people see, or how well people see, we need to watch how they walk.” (The Transforming Vision Chpt.1 pg. 17) Walsh and Middleton also claim that “worldviews are founded on ultimate faith commitments.” (The Transforming Vision Chpt. 2 pg. 35) Christians hold The Bible as the sole revelation of God’s word to His people and base their views off of its context, such as, the creation, the fall and redemption. The Biblical worldview begins with creation. Recognizing that God is indubitably sovereign and is complete control of creation, and always has been, is the “biblical starting point” to developing…

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