Essay about Doing The Right Thing Group Bible Study By Charles Colson

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The video, Doing the Right Thing group Bible study by Charles Colson, Brit Hume, reminded me how morally and spiritually bankrupt our society has become. Greed and corruption run rampant among our business, schools, government, homes, and sadly, even our schools. Pride and greed tend to work together in the lives of many people, leading to divorce, neglect, addictions, theft, and many other immoral actions. Chuck Colson gave an excellent explanation of self-righteousness when he stated, “self-righteousness is the belief that you are so good that you can’t be compromised” (Colson, 2012). Additionally, another point that spoke to my heart was how dangerous it is that schools do not teach students what true morality is. Students learn from our universities and colleges that morality is nonexistent because absolute truth does not exist. Fredrich Nietzsche said, “You have your way, I have my way. As for the right way, it does not exist.”(Colson video, 2012). The video, What is the Christian Worldview? Answers to four questions everyone asks, really made me think about how we develop our worldview. Kevin Livermore defined a worldview as, “A system of values and meanings that enable people to interpret reality and determine their actions throughout life” (Livermore, 2015). Interestingly enough, how a person answers the four questions posed by Livermore reveals what type of worldview he or she possesses. For if a person does not believe that humans are the pinnacle of God’s…

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