Christian Worldview

The Christian worldview can be confusing at times. Many questions are brought up about a plethora of different topics pertaining to, God, Jesus, and salvation. Most of these questions cannot be answered completely, however, using the Bible they can be answered to a certain extent. By breaking up Christianity into its bare essentials; God, humanity, Jesus, and restoration, its concept can be better understood and explained.

God Everybody has their own idea about what God is like both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Bible gives some insight about what he is really like. Throughout the Bible it is seen that he is a loving, forgiving, holy, and complex (Graham, 2007). Another way to describe God’s characteristics would be omnipotent
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Depending on the worldview the answers will vary immensely. Human nature is an interesting foundational concept of Christianity, the biggest aspect of it being free-will. God gave humanity free will so that all of the choices made are humanities own decisions. Free-will also allow for the relationship between God and his children to be real and unforced. This gives his believers a chance to proclaim his love and pastor to others how great and holy he really is. However, because humanity gets the choice to make their own decisions, with that comes consequences both good and bad depending on what choices are made. Another thought pondered by many people, even some Christians as well, is what is the purpose of life. In the Bible, 1 Corinthians 10:31 says that no matter what is done, it should be done for the glory of God (Holy Bible, n.d). To simply put it the purpose of life is to glorify God and to love others just as God loves his children and spread the good news about him. Throughout life problems are created, the root cause of which is a combination of two things. First, from free-will and secondly from sin. Since God allows his creations to have free-will, naturally not everybody is going to make good decisions, so sin enters the world as a result of this. However, the devil is also responsible for many of the …show more content…
The first being that I use the Bible as my moral compass per se. By using the common term what would Jesus do, I can establish what decisions I should make concerning my actions. Another way by which I live out the Christian worldview beliefs is that I try to show God through my actions and the way that I present myself to others, meaning that when I am out in public, I don’t curse and use horrid language, I try to act as a representation of God and his love for others.

In conclusion by breaking up Christianity into its bare essentials; God, humanity, Jesus, and restoration, its concept can be better understood and explained. Through careful examination of the Bible and other biblical references one can find that Christianity is not as complex as it might seem to be. In the end God is still the loving father who sent his one and only son to die a horrid and painful death all to save us from eternal damnation so that in the end we can be reunited with him in the realms of

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