Analysis: The True Heart Of Christian Scripture

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The true heart of Christianity, Scripture, and Jesus have all been shown to me through years of faith training and religious course. The world is broken and as christians we are able to fix it through our actions. With open hearts we can show the love of Jesus. In the scripture we can describe messages of hope to those who need guidance. Also through christianity we can show that redemption is easy to obtain if you look in the right place. Scripture is thrown out in the world during sermons, bible studies, or even fights. The quote states that our task as christians is to, “proclaim love and trust to a world that knows only exploitation, fear and suspicion.” I feel that this section of the quote has the most to do with scripture due to the …show more content…
We know this to be true because christianity is made up of people with real hearts and emotions. We are made up to be smaller versions of christ in the ways we interact with others. Many christians are able to show the love and forgiveness, but even if others turn their backs on us we can always look towards God. As christians it is easier for us to show forgiveness and spread the word, because know how it feels to be forgiven for everything. I agree in totally with the part of the quote that says, “following Christ and shaping our world, is to announce redemption to a world that has discovered its fallenness”. We sometimes look over this key factor, but our relationship with christ has made christianity more personal for us and our redemption stories. I not always fully understood what God had in plan for me, and I even thought that he did not love me. Then I was introduced to the catholic faith and was shown how much God truly cared for me. I was also shown that although I was part of a fallen world, that redemption was possible for me. This caused me to become a devoted Catholic and allowed me to see the greatness of God. In all actuality I believe the quote somewhat represents the true heart of a good christian. Although, some sections are arguable due to the fact that everyone is not perfect and that we can be separated by others as a result of their actions. Other then that this quote shows the truth

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