Buddhism And Christianity Compare And Contrast Essay

Religion can be depicted as a belief in divinity and spiritual views. Buddhism dominantly revolves around life and the teachings of Gautama, likewise Christianity similarly revolves around life and the teachings of Jesus. However they differ in minor views such as: spiritual values, the concept of afterlife, and the purpose for living. Though the two religions share similar concepts, they exhibit differences that set them apart from each other.
Buddhism’s founder, Siddharta Guatama, had four powerful sightings that moved him, which led to the findings of Buddhism’s marks of existence. At the age of 29, Gautama saw an old man, who was disabled by age; a sick man, disabled by disease; a dead man; and a poor man, who was still contented. He realized
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Buddhism practices the Noble Eightfold Path, which basically aides you when suffering by slowly stopping the pain you are afflicted upon. The intentions of the Noble Eightfold Path is to obtain nirvana and enlightenment by ceasing one’s desire, resembling the actions Buddha did. As for Christianity, it can be practiced by praying, worship in church, being obedient to God’s word, and reading the bible. Praying to God, repenting for your sins, is key to entering the kingdom of God, likewise being obedient because God does not want disobedient servants throughout his heavenly kingdom. The Bible is thought to be an enactment of Jesus life and a guide for Christians to follow to secure their …show more content…
Siddhartha, founder of Buddhism, is regarded as a mere human philosopher whose teachings were to live by, and set examples of good livings. With this being said, it can be inferred that Buddhism does not believe in a superior. Also, Buddhist have multiple foci which are looked at as their main way of life. The foci consist of existential anxieties, questioning reality, and afterlife matters. In a differential aspect, Christians look to God as the almighty for his guidance, which results in worship. Christianity has a foci of loving one another, repentance, and being obedient to God’s word. As a Christian, your goal is to attain eternal life in Heaven, thus you must follow the criteria God has to attain his

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