Jesus And Buddhism Comparison Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay Men throughout time and history made a bad choice as well as the good that changed in lives for the better or worse. Even the greatest schools, enlightenment, movements or religious groups were commenced by extraordinary men. For example Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, Plato, Jesus Christ, and Buddha, which are known as historic figures that touched many lives. Both leaders Jesus and even Buddha with their brilliant teachings in hand all strived for one goal and that goal was to reach the hearts of the human race in similar but a different type of way. For example, Jesus and Buddha both taught us how to be spiritually free from any negative influence, where we all came from such as origin and lastly we see their teaching and prophesies come to life. First of all Buddhism started with the Buddha or also known as the enlightened one. The word ‘Buddha’ means ‘one who is awake’ in other words “woken up to reality. ”Christianity is a …show more content…
They both had more than 3 of the Teaching that I mentioned which is Spiritual liberation, in other words, Human conditioning and lastly the tomb that served the same purpose. Jesus and Buddha both wanted to guide humans into a better lifestyle in a similar way as well. The differences were how both leaders wanted to guide these people from their era and more generations to come. In my opinion, I find Jesus Christ as a better leader than Buddha because yes Buddha has some great teaching and what not but they do not make sense to me whatsoever. Adding to it I do not even like the no soul theory of Buddha and his cycle because why would I want to become a better person and live to my fullest if I'm just going to die and if I'm not reborn everything dies along with it. Jesus Christ and the gospel he came to deliver us is much more than a way to live but it is what saves us in my opinion of eternal

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