Essay On Similarities Between Christianity And Buddhism

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Christianity and Buddhism spread both differently and the same. The two were the same because they both were a runoff of another religion. They both were open for people to convert from another religion, they both creators had their religion spread by their disciples after their death, and they both spread through trade and peaceful contact. A major difference was that Christianity and Hinduism originated from different places. Also Christianity spread through the downfall of the Roman Empire and later on through war and conquer. While Buddhism was always peaceful. To begin with, both religions when they were beginning to spread they allowed people from different religions to join theirs. The Christians had most Romans to convert to their religion and it would have …show more content…
Next, both these religions were not created on their own ideas. Both Christianity and Buddhism were spin offs of different religions. Jesus originally Jewish, carried on most of the same beliefs the Jews had to Christianity. Siddhartha was Hindu before he founded Buddhism and just like Jesus and the Christians he carried most of the beliefs from Hinduism to Buddhism. They both made minor changes for their religion but all in all they were basically the same as the ones they originated from. Another similarity between the spread of Christianity and Buddhism was that after both original creators died their disciples kept spreading the religion. When Jesus died he had 12 major disciples Peter, James, John, Andrew, Bartholomew or Nathanael, James, the Lesser or Younger, Judas, Jude or Thaddeus, Matthew or Levi, Philip, Simon the Zealot, and Thomas. Without these disciples Christianity probably would have gotten no where as big as it is today without those men’s hard work and dedication to help spread their religion. When Siddhartha died he had many disciples the two major ones being Sariputta, and Maha Moggallana who continued to

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