What Motivates You? My Son Essay

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What motivates you? My son will always be my biggest motivation. He is one of the main reasons I started college. He will be turning two in July, and he always loves to receive a new ball. I would buy him one every day; if I could afford it, just to see the smile that lights up his face. To introduce, I am a psychology major at Southern New Hampshire University. I chose this major because it called to me. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression, and I believe it will be helpful to my future patients that I know what they are going through. Against my better judgement, I dropped out my junior year of high school. I struggled with finances for a few years because I am only qualified to work in fast food restaurants. I am a stay at home mom; my son is nineteen-months old. My days consist of cleaning, cooking, and playing; while my nights consist of studying, reading, and writing. My initial motivations for starting college were the desire to help others, inspiration from my grandfather, and to purchase a larger home. My motivations to continue college are to put my son in private school, to contribute to my family, and to start a community outreach program. My motivational plan is to study hard and use writing implements such as free writing and brainstorming.
One motivation I had for initially starting college was my desire to help others. I would love to help people with their mental wellness because I know what it feels like to suffer in silence. Anxiety is…

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