What Motivates Me And My Life Essay

859 Words Jul 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
During this semester, I have been forced to take a deep look at what motivates me and influence my decisions in life. It causes me to do a sincere introspection to see find out my purpose. Having a purpose is so essential as it is what defines our reason for living and pushes us to do what we were in-a-sense destined to do. Our natural talents and skills, were meant for something bigger than just for ourselves. Discovering my purpose has only intensified my drive. Also, it helps me to feel like I’m a valuable asset to society. My purpose is to use my harmony and analytical strengths to impact the lives of others, despite their circumstances, by helping them to realize their goals and aspirations. In discovering my purpose, I have been able to plan out goals such as obtaining my bachelors and possibly masters degree in accounting, working in accounting field as a CPA (Certified public Accountant), also buying a house and creating financially stable environment for my family. Buying a house and providing a financially stable environment for my family is a personal goal of mine that has very close ties with my values and talents. By financially stable, I mean having at least 3-4 months’ worth of payments for all expenses and having a college account for my children. This goal is important to me because I want my family to enjoy some of the luxuries that I didn’t get to enjoy in my youth growing up. Therefore, I plan to use my analytical talent to build budgets which will…

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