Narrative Essay About Coming Of Age

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In the West, most nations consider the age 16 the coming of age period yet my story starts at the age of 5. When my fifth birthday came I realized what a birthday was it was the moment where everyone around me screamed in joy and was full of youthfulness. However, the truth was my birthday wasn’t just a regular birthday with cake and festivities but the day I learned the truth behind the lives of my peers. Living in a rural village with very limited access to healthcare, friends and family was everything. I realized my friends and my elder siblings who lost their life before the age of 5 that I played with never reached that point in life. From a young age I was questioning the lifestyle of my village. I figured out that many kids just disappear and no one mentions them ever again. By the time I became 7 I was a very curious child wandering around a lot which eventually lead me to find the answers I was seeking. In a secluded corner of the village few miles away from …show more content…
Fast-forward to first clinical rotation I was motivated and relentless to help the patients that were shouting in pain. As I looked around I saw hope in the eyes of the patients they believed that doctors could take away all their discomfort. The hope that I witnessed that day will never be forgotten it will always be the passion that inspires me everyday. I learned that not only do the patients need to have hope but also the doctor needs to have strength to perform his/her duties. My professor once said “Treat the patient as a whole, not just treat the physical symptoms” I really loved the way internal medicine deals with wide range of diseases, in a variety of patients by using step-by-step reasoning process with differentials to formulate a diagnosis I got wider range of interaction with various people in need of basic healthcare that attracted me to explore more the broader field of internal

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