What Makes A Best Friend? Essay

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“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow” (William Shakespeare). What is a best friend? To me a best friend is someone you can rely on for everything and anything, especially when the times get tough. It is someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who will wipe away your tears and not only tell you everything will be OK, but will guide you into a new stage of happiness. But most of all a best friend is someone who can mold you into a better person. I was ten years old when I met my best friend and this is a day I will never forget.
It was the first day of fifth grade. From the moment I walked in I noticed a crooked teeth little girl with uneven ponytails. I didn 't pay much attention to her, mostly because I didn 't know her. With no knowledge as to where I needed to sit I quickly approached my teacher Ms. Robison. As soon as she told me I was to sit next to Noemi Ramos, I looked around the room with no idea as to who she was until I heard high pitched squeaky voice from across the room. She shouted “me, over here, me!”. I looked at her with curiosity, not knowing that the little girl with crooked ponytails sitting right in front of me would become my best friend for many years to come.
She came into my life unexpectedly, but because of her, I am who I am. Without her I would continue to be the quiet and shy girl who never spoke a word out of fear of being…

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