The Nursing Home: A Short Story

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The smell was awful. I have never smelt anything so revolting in my life. There was a combination of different distinct smells. Old food, smelly feet and something else I could not really describe. The room looked just as horrible as it smelled. The couches were covered in food and some cushions were ripped in the oddest way, like someone had been clawing at them. Was there a cat? A fish tank in the corner of the room was filled with dark green water. If I looked close enough at the tank, I could see three fishes are dead. When I looked around the room I feel hatred towards the nurse and doctors. Every single elderly person in the room were by themselves. Nobody was watching them. Disasters could occur if they are left alone for too long. Other …show more content…
After a lengthy eight hour drive we were exhausted and just wanted to relax for a bit. But we knew we had to see my grandma. It was then when my Aunt Sara had told us she was not at the hospital anymore but a nursing home because she was better. My mom grew sullen with Aunt Sara and asked her why she did not inform us earlier. I was angry as well but relieved she was out of the hospital. So we were off to the nursing home. I could not wait to see my lovely grandma again. Little did I know what was to come. I was disgusted by the nursing home. A women in a pink nurse’s outfit came and showed us where my grandma’s room was. I was heartbroken when I saw where she was sleeping. The room was gloomy. It had one bed, a lamp in the corner and a small television. The room was not where my grandma needed to be. She needed to be back at her house where everything is so colorful like she likes it. Her face brighten when she was us. Seeing her face made the room better. My grandma still looked poorly but her personality was ever the same. In the back of my mind I kept thinking: why any of the family members that live so close to my grandma did not take her in? They had just brought her to a nursing home instead. I knew my mom was thinking the same thought. Few days later we left Texas taking my grandma with us back to Louisiana. For the rest of the summer we took care of her. It was tough at times but I kept my hopes up and stayed strong not only for me but for my family. When the summer ended my grandma said she wanted to go back to her home. The one she had worked so hard for. My family brought her back home. Today, my aunt’s take care of her and she is as well as ever. I had truly matured that summer. Taking care of my grandma really had an effect on me. I remember one night when it was just us two she told me to grow up and be the beautiful person I am inside and out. And I hope that is just who I become. I am a mentally stronger person because of her.

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