Personal Narrative: A Friend Before A Hero

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A Friend Before A Hero “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” ~ Christopher Reeve
The Merriam-Webster dictionary characterizes the word friend and the word hero a bit too similar to be two separate words. Friend; a person who helps or supports someone. Hero; a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. I was auspicious enough to have both, in one, from the day I was born. She is my grandma; my second mother. We talk everyday and she never fails to encourage me to do my best. She installed responsibility in me at a young age and I don’t always acknowledge her efforts, but one day I will appreciate it. Beulah Hampton, my grandma, influences
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Most kids her age worked and so did she. Grocery shopping for those who could not, doing hair, cooking, cleaning and babysitting. She could have done whatever with the items given to her to perform her job, but she didn’t. All those jobs later assisted her make a living for her daughter and herself. My grandma was a single parent. She raised my mom on her own. Food, clothing, toys, and support; she provided all of those things by herself. My grandmother also contributed to the lives of others. My mom said once,”She took care of us.” I wondered who the “us” was. The “US” is our community. Just about everyone in Albion knows my grandma. She’s either fed them, babysat them, or knows their family members who she’s helped before. My grandma gives whatever she can whenever she can. She has taught me that giving can be better than receiving. Responsibility, giving, and persistence is what my grandma has taught me. My grandma, Beulah Hampton, has taught me life lessons that schools have failed to teach. She taught me the value of giving, responsibility, and learning. In the end everything she taught me can be used to make me a better person. She’s my friend before she is my hero. My grandma is my friend because she inspires me personally, she’s a hero because she impacts the lives of

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