What Kind Of A Deal Do You Want? Essay

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“What kind of a deal do you want to make?” “I get you the stone and in return I want something from you. I know that you have a key to get in and out of the underworld and I want it.” “Why do you need a key to get in the underworld?”
“My dear wife is down there and I want to get her back now do you want to make this deal?” “How did your wife die and even if you do make it to the underworld how are you going to let Hades let you take her?” “My wife died because she tried to poison the town 's water supply.”
“No I will not give you my key so you can let a monster like her out.”
“Then you will never be able to save that little town because you will not be able to get that stone out. Think about my deal if you decide you want to make this deal I will be in the shop about 2 blocks away.” The smoke appeared again and Stavrose was gone. Crayen didn’t know what to do, he knew he needed to get the stone to save the city but he also wanted to see his mom and Hades again. Crayen and Paw went back to the fountain to see if they could come up with any new ideas.
Crayen tried to use his telekinesis but the well was spelled and the his power did not work. Zeus Appeared out of thin air and asked the young god “What are you trying to do with the Well of Aster?”
“I need to get that stone out from that cage.”
“Why do you need the stone?” asked Zeus
“ I need all three stones to stop the flooding and lightning attack in the town of Lakediamonia.”
“Well I can help you get the stone out…

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