Comparison Between Biggs BBQ And Burger's

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Doug and Shawn Holiday are the owners of Biggs BBQ and Burger’s by Biggs in beautiful Lawrence, Kansas. They started Biggs BBQ in 2004 and have had many successes throughout their years. Biggs has been voted “Best BBQ in Lawrence” for 9+ years and is the longest operating BBQ restaurant in Lawrence. I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with both Doug and Shawn. I received two different perspectives from these two, both having different roles and focuses in the business but share the same end goal. In this interview I had the pleasure to talk to them about how they accomplish their success, manage to continue to improve their business, and go above and beyond to meet 110% guest satisfaction.
Shawn puts a lot of emphasis on making sure her and Doug’s employees are properly trained and know how to treat the guest to the best of their ability. I asked Shawn how she selects the people that work for them and her response was that they “base it on personality and attitude” and whether the potential employee is “excited about working.” Shawn also added that they aren’t worried about whether an applicant has experience because they strongly believe in their own training program. Shawn stressed on the importance of superior training because the employees are the first point of contact for the
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Shawn helped me realize just how important customer service is and how to achieve the highest level of it. She also exhibited how important outstanding training is to be able to exceed great guest satisfaction. Doug was very insightful and made it clear just how fast the industry changes and how it is constantly growing. When speaking to Doug and Shawn I began to recognize the key characteristics that I need to focus on when starting my career in the hospitality field and eventually hopefully in the management

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