Spangle's Attractions: A Case Study

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As fast food restaurants go (if you've) seen one, you've seen them all, not true with Spangles. Spangle's pride itself on being a home-grown family restaurant since 1978. Although their restaurants are primarily located in Wichita, Kansas they stretch throughout the state. Spangles are nothing short of a miracle when it comes to customer-oriented service with a quality product and a strong financial planning that contributes to the growth and success. Spangles are a privately-owned restaurant without the outside pressures of broad-members, stock and shareholders it toots its own horn. The horn is a response to the people it serves from employees to management and the owners, Spangles is committed to excellence. I visited Spangles and interviewed with the Operation’s Director. I will report the daily operations along with the operating strategies the …show more content…
Made fresh and made to order…(Spangles) is the value people are willing to pay for, the wait is only a formality of goodness. Rene is passionate about the inputs in crafting the Philly steak sandwich. She describes the process technology as, “Carefully chopping the steak, grilling it and adding the right amount of seasonings and vegetables.” (Steven) These simple but even processes transform the added value of all their food items. I was privy to a Spangle's family secret (cannot divulge) process improvement. Rene made an improvement to the quality of their French fries. There was a texture issue where the French fries would not stay crispy and still have the consistency of French fries. The problem was easily rectified with all 27 stores in a matter of minutes. She is impressed with Information technology she complimented, “I am able to use email or group text to quickly relay a process change to my 27 managers and 4 supervisors who then immediately changes the process.”

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