What Is My Best Friend Essay

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She had long dark hair, and was so small you could wrap your arms around her five times over. She had the most beautiful dark complexion, which came from her Italian heritage. Anyone who had met her would tell you she was such a spontaneous person and so fun to be around. She would do the craziest things, sometimes they weren’t the best choices she could have made but she always had fun. Sometimes I wondered how I was so lucky to have such a fun, caring, and beautiful person to call my best friend. But here we were friends since first grade growing up together in this crazy world.
No one would have ever guessed she had lived such a hard life, because she never showed it. There was always a smile on her face, but she shared everything with
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I had wanted to hear these words for so long now.
We had made a breakthrough she wanted to get better she wanted to help herself, and she knew I was there to help her through it. Times got hard but she kept from hurting herself. I remember thinking, “She’s better now, my best friend is finally happy.” Things stayed this way for a while she seemed genuinely happy and content with her life. We spent countless weekends together having the times of our life, and I didn’t think I had to worry about losing my best friend anymore but things always happen when you least expect them.
About a year later I got the worst news of my life, Gina had taken her own life at the young age of 16. She was my sister, my best friend, and my other half gone just like that. It became clear to me that you never know what someone is going through, they could appear so happy and so full of life, but inside feel like an empty shell. I’ll never forget her gorgeous smile, or the lavender smell of her room, or the wonderful times we had together. But the thing I’ll remember the most is the struggle she went through just to live each day for the ones she loved and just because it became too much for her to bear doesn’t mean she didn’t try. She’ll always be with me, she’s the rustle in the leaves, the wind in the air, the birds in the sky, but most of all she’s my best

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