Essay on What Effects Do Gun Control Laws Have On The Gun Crime Rate?

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What effects do gun control laws have on the gun crime rate? In my opinion, gun control laws are no effect on crime rate. First reason in why crime rate isn’t effect by the gun control law is because majority of the criminals do not worry about any laws including gun control. Next, the black market for guns will always be able to sell guns so therefore guns will always be a limitless supply for criminals. My last reason is that criminals would not buy guns if they required background checks for purchasing a weapon simply because they wouldn’t want to end up in jail just for making a purchase on a weapon. All in all, gun control laws do not have much of an effect on crime rate because criminals do not care about laws, the black market will always be a reliable source in finding a weapon, and lastly, criminals wouldn’t purchase a gun if the purchase required a background check.
Majority of the criminals now and days don’t really pay attention to laws, therefore when criminals hear that the gun control law has been passed most criminals react in certain ways as if they are still going to break and disobey the law. If I was a criminal and I found out that the government passed a gun control law, knowing that the law was passed would urge me into making more of the wrong decisions for example purchasing a weapon illegally, because when being a criminal you get the feeling of being unstoppable or that no one can tell you what you can or can not do. Criminals will always be able…

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