Pros And Cons On Gun Control

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Gun Control

{Gun Control – Pro}

A criminal breaks into your house. What do you do? With gun control the criminal knows that you don’t have a gun and won’t hesitate to do or take whatever he pleases. In addition, the criminal will most likely have some type of weapon on him, but you won’t, and he’ll be able to kill you easily. Without gun control chances are, criminals won’t break into your house as much. Why? Because of the uncertainty of whether you have a gun or not. Everyone with a gun will have a way to defend themselves, should anything happen to them. Criminals will still have access to guns, they don’t listen to the law anyways. During an ATF investigation of 3,083 gun dealers, they found 12, 274 “missing” firearms. Why would any
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No, they will get them with no paper trail so no one can prove it was them! Also the average response time for law enforcement is 10 to 12 minutes. The police will arrive after the crime is committed and the criminal is already gone. So it is probably in your best interest to own a gun! Gun control only Is for honest citizens, people who already follow the laws. If a person wants to commit a crime, they can find a way to illegally obtain a gun. Also, millions of people already have guns in the United States. How would we be able to recollect all the guns? Do some research seriously? Look up countries that teach their children at younger age’s proper use of guns. Look at countries and cities at younger ages proper use of guns Look at countries and cities who have a higher percent of people who own guns, the gun violence rate is actually lower. Guns don 't kill people, people kill people. Everyone has to understand this. Taking our American rights isn 't the solution. People are the issue here so don 't punish the good, honest gun owners because there are bad people in the world. We need a way to protect our self from our government. About everyone is armed, yet the crime and violence rate is extremely low! If we start controlling the guns for civilians, they won 't be able to protect themselves, and who say criminals will obey that law? Even if there is minimal control, it will make it so much harder for civilians to defend themselves! If your children are being attacked and you have nothing to help, no guns to defend them, you will have let them

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