Patient Interview Report

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I. Synopsis of the interview Dr. Schrader was greatly influenced by his grandfather and father, who were both doctors. He chose to become a general practitioner as it is more challenging by treating a variety of diseases.

Doctor’s role is like a partner and health advisor to patients. We try to cure by providing the best treatment or preventative measures, though sometimes patients may refuse. Hence, negotiation is needed but we have to respect their final choice. As Dr. Schrader is the executive medical director additionally, he is responsible for the quality, resources and risk management of the whole hospital.

As for the approach to patient care, we should be observant to patients’ facial expression or body languages, comforting
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Schrader mentioned doctor as an ideal and rewarding job; meanwhile, medical students should keep switched on to learn new knowledge on diseases and treatments emerged everyday as well as be cautious in handling patients.

II. Discussion: “Based on what you found out in the interview, what does it mean to be a doctor? How does this compare with your personal view?”

Doctor is a professional career, bearing hefty responsibility. I would like to summarize doctors’ essential attitude and duty in 5Cs: curiosity, carefulness, cure, care and comfort.

To begin with, curiosity is fundamental. Knowledge is the base of a professional doctor, enabling us to apply suitable treatment to patients. New medicine and diseases emerge every day. Staying curious makes us more knowledgeable, capable to diagnose correctly and provide up-to-date and safe treatments to patients. Doctor handles precious lives in every decision; hence, carefulness is crucial. It not only applies to treatment method, but also in diagnosis during consultation. Cautiousness prevents us from missing small important details. Especially for general practitioners, we see common diseases everyday, every small pieces of information should not be omitted as it may differentiate to inaccurate diagnosis. If unsuitable treatments are provided, patients’ health can be

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