Doctor Career Research Paper

There are a myriad of career opportunities for each person. In this text, I will analyse the profession of being a doctor.
A doctor is a person that devotes their life to helping patients through research and clinical work.
Firstly, doctors are a really heterogeneous group of professionals. This is due to Medicine being a massive field with lots of opportunities to explore and master. Thus, we can consider the representative example of a surgeon. According to Dr. Anton Scheepers , a surgeon’s day starts early in the morning with the consulting of patients. It is necessary for a doctor to understand what is going on with their patient and only turn to medicine prescriptions or surgery when strictly necessary. Throughout the day, doctors may
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On the one hand, the first and more important advantage is the opportunity to change the world and to actually help people every day. Apart from being able to cure patients, doctors’ potential impact can change one’s life for good. Additionally, the gratification that comes from the job is something that all doctors agree upon. This can be direct (e.g. paramedics being able to save a patient after an accident), as well as more diffuse (e.g. oncologist through successful recovery of cancer patient), but in all cases is an extraordinary feeling in the long …show more content…
A hugely common and under justified reason for this is most times related to what a parent wants for their child. In this sense, some kids decide to follow this path to avoid disappointing their parents and meet their expectations. Of course, this can result in them dropping out of Medical School or regretting having made such choice. However, and hopefully, the majority of people who pursue studies in Medicine do so because they truly love the field. These are the ones who are willing to devote their lives to taking care of the rest of the world. Ultimately, this path is the right one and needs not a unique reason, but a personal one for every doctor. The common element is an initial spark, interest that evolves throughout time into a genuine desire to become a doctor. For instance, this happens by being inspired by a loved one or by becoming conscious of the need for help there is in the actual world.
So far, I have talked about what it means to be a doctor, how to become a good professional, and ultimately identify if it is the right choice for an aspiring student. For me, even though the path is tough and may seem never-ending, becoming a doctor is the only way I know to do what I love and always get something bigger in

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