Essay on What Does A Cat 's Fur Spreads Across Ones Entire House?

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If my high school were an animal it would be a cat because cats always do what they want but have contentment in the things they get. Some cats are liked less than others because of their sassy mannerisms while others are liked more because of their sweet and sociable actions. A cats owner generally tries to have control of their cat but then realize they just have to let them be. I went to Curtis Baptist High School in downtown Augusta, GA. Curtis Baptist is a private christian school with an enrollment of less than 80 students in the high school. Because Curtis is a smaller school there is not much room for people to spread out. This environment caused the student body to know everything about everyone. Sometimes this was good; many times it was not so good. Just like cats appear out of no where, so did nosey girls wanting to spread gossip. But there were also many students with good hearts wanting to spread the love of Christ. Similar to how a cat 's fur spreads across ones entire house. My senior class homeroom teacher often described being in charge of my graduating class like herding cats. If you have ever tried to herd cats you will relate to these statements. Cats cannot be herded. Cats cannot be controlled. Cats cannot be easily instructed. This is what my high school was like. We did what we wanted. We went where we desired. We disregarded rules. At least we pushed the rules to the limits we could without detention or silent lunch. Yes,…

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