Personal Narrative: Holy Family School

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“Good morning, please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance and our morning prayer,” the words that echoed through my quaint little grade school every morning- ones that I will not soon forget. From age four to age fourteen, my school day invariably began with these words. From my childhood years up to my early teenage years, I attended Holy Family School, a remarkably small, close-knit private school which seemed appropriate for the town of 4,000 people that it was situated in. The ten years I spent in that undersized school building meant a lot to me, after all, they shaped the way I interpreted the world and the people in it. Contrary to popular misconceptions, the ways in which it shaped me were not solely religious. The education and guidance …show more content…
The memory was not a mere moment in the classroom that stood out from the rest - it was more complex than that. The indirect, yet important memory was learning the value of hard work and perseverance. To further on the lesson I was taught, it is first important to know that Holy Family School was not an incredibly affordable school to attend. As most private schools, Holy Family charged the families of students with high tuition rates along with many other seemingly small expenses that eventually compile. For the reason of these hefty expenses, I witnessed members of my family, specifically my mother, work incredibly hard in order to ensure that my brother and I were educated at a private school that relentlessly enforces values and morals. Observing my mom constantly work to the point of exhaustion was not always a painless task, for I watched her struggle incessantly knowing that the purpose was all to provide proper education for my brother and I. Despite the fact that it was often times unnerving to watch my mother persistently work at her multiple jobs, it taught me the value of hard work and provided me with an otherwise unachievable

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