In God We Trust: Freedom Religion In Public Schools

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“In God We Trust: Freedom Religion in Public Schools”
This title was chosen to examine and understand the extent in which teachers and students can express their beliefs, and the extent to which schools allow religion to be tolerated. I chose the title “In God We Trust” because it is the official motto of the United States, yet it directly correlate’s with the controversy of separation of church and state. As an American citizen we have the right to freedom of religion, but the constitution is vague in what extent freedom of religion is acceptable.
It’s been over 50 years since the Supreme Court ruled in outlawing school sponsored prayer. When it comes to religion, public schools have to abide to two legal
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Teachers have a vast amount of control over the young formative years of installing certain ideas and beliefs in children. That being we must have a deep concern over what is being portrayed to children involving religion. We must address the importance in not just understanding of different religions, but the concept of tolerating them, not because you are forced, but because you understand the role religion plays in each person’s life. Religion connects to vast amounts of situations and is deeply rooted in our history. We must not confuse our own ideas, with the illusion that one religion is better than the other. We must view religion as something us in this world all share, no matter the differences. Religion in public schools, is not meant for the educators to cohere certain ideas to students, yet is relevant in school because it’s important for children to have an understanding of the world we live in. We must not continue the days of ignorance regarding religion, we must open our minds to the ideas we as people share, and maybe when that day comes, the fighting, the hatred, and the negativity in world will disappear, and the world might just be at peace for

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