Personal Narrative: Roseburg High School

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My father, Robert Byers, was born and raised around Coquille, Oregon. In 1982 he attended Roseburg High School, the public school every student in and around Roseburg went to. At the time he attended the school, from ‘82 to ‘86, around 2,000 students attended with him. Roseburg High School has an open campus much like a college. Students were free to do whatever they like on and off campus during the school day. Roseburg has walking trails around the city, and many connected to the schools so students could get anywhere from campus. There were even designated smoking areas for students. The only requirement was that students had to be on time for class. Their football team at the time was the orange and black Roseburg Indians. At such a big school, football was equally huge, and their field was lined with bleachers that were always packed. At the time my father attended, Roseburg was not a very strict school, and the rules they did have were not often enforced. The faculty didn’t care what students got up to, so long as they didn’t break the law or miss class. For example, while there were rules and regulations about bringing weapons on campus, …show more content…
While some are probably best not recounted in a paper for school, there are some notable ones that best highlight his high school years. Once, he and some friends opened the hood of someone’s VW Bug and switched the spark plugs, making it so the car wouldn’t start. He was never caught for this. The school had a security monitor called Big John that made sure students were in class. One of my dad’s favorite hobbies was calling him “The Motherload” right to his face and running off before he was caught. This teacher put out a notice that he would nail my father to the wall. Once, his friend Damian made a rude gesture at a burly man in a car, and said man stopped, threatened Damian’s life, hit him hard enough to knock him over, and

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