Personal Narrative: Shakopee High School

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Even though everyone who goes to Shakopee High School knows about this situation, they do not know how much it has significantly affected my life. My life changed last year in so many ways. In some ways this has given me more opportunities, but in most cases this event has negatively changed everything around me. Worst of all it has made me lose many friends, given me a bad reputation, and has made everyone think that I am someone that I am not. People I had never met did not like me, discriminated against me in some situations; but on the other hand, it has showed me who my real friends are because they continued to persevere by my side and stuck with me through all of the tough times.
Most everyone will never feel and understand what I had
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I just wanted to be out on the ice again with my friends doing something I loved and something I have been doing since the age of 4. My mom was contacted by an old coach of mine whose son I played hockey with growing up, Darin Boone. Hearing that I had been cut, he asked if I would be interested in playing Junior Gold hockey for Jefferson. Immediately I estically said yes I want to play. For a year I had been dreaming of a fresh start, where nobody would know about the beginning of last year and here was an opportunity for one. But regardless, the doubts crept into my mind and I began wondering if I would even fit in on the team at all. But gladly after the first few practices I felt like I grew up playing with all of the boys on my team. Through Junior Gold Hockey I made new friends who I’d consider some of my best friends now. Blake, Keegan, and Pat were very welcoming and we soon found out that we all love doing the same stuff. Though outside of hockey it is difficult to stay connected, as hanging out with these guys means a 20 minute drive away and they have other friends, school and other activities that keep them …show more content…
I feel in love with it and give it my all 100 percent of the time. Being welcomed so nicely by the people on and around the team made me feel so special. Sure as the season progressed, word about last year crept into my new safe haven and the parents caught wind and talked to their kids. My mom telling me that people heard about it but regardless had nothing but nice things to say about me was a breath of fresh air to me. Finally I felt as if I made a positive impact somewhere while playing hockey. Our team also is having a successful year, currently we are over .500 and are looking forward to playoffs right around the corner; on the other hand, Shakopee Hockey ended their season with a blowout loss to Minnetonka and 6-18-1

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