Essay about What Do You Like Best About Being Your Age?

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Marcos Serrano is a 25-year-old male in the early adulthood stage of his life. He is currently working at a fine restaurant called Delphine, located in Hollywood, CA. He is Salvadorian-American, 5 feet 7 inches tall, weights 192 pounds, and has dark brown eyes and hair. His dark brown hair is usually short, with minimal amounts of hair gel to style, as he desires. His facial hair was well groomed. Marcos was chosen by his girlfriend to participate in this detailed interview regarding his thoughts about his current early adulthood stage in life. The physical interview took place in his house. Marcos was seated on a chair across from his interviewer. His pet hamster was located at the right side of the interviewee, the same side in which his closet was located. His bed with blue comforters was located towards his left side. The interviewee was facing toward his big screen television, PlayStation 3 and other small items that were distributed in his table.
1) What Do You Like Best About Being Your Age?
I like the fact that right now I do not have any major responsibilities, I am young enough to change major plans in life, and I have no health issues or complications.
“What are ‘some health issues or complications’ that you currently don’t have?”
One of the factors that always come with being older is that if you do not take care of yourself, chronic diseases, arthritis or diabetes can develop. Once health complications like that arises, you lose your independence. You rely on…

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