What Are You Do You? Essay

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offer tons of relevant information in light of my switch from a stats-focused topic to a more opinion based one. Thus began my quest to find pertinent site visits, interviews, and additional information resources. I knew at least one demographic that leaned in the Android direction, the “spec nerds,” the kinds of people that probably would sit down and write a paper dedicated to smartphones for a month. The kinds of people, like Marques, that focus on device output and capability in order to get the most usability out of their device for the money that they are paying for it. My hope was to not only find other groups like this, but also to identify why other groups did not support this way of thinking. I then turned to the most abundant and my most familiar demographic in the smartphone world, young people. Every direction I turn I see someone using a smartphone, and the “What smartphone are they using?” question almost always has the same answer, iPhone. In order to find out why, my first inclination is to search for advertisements, which have a profound impact on younger people, especially when it comes to technology. I came across multiple videos showing various iPhone commercials and witnessed their evolution throughout the years.
Apple’s initial directive in advertising was to display the phone itself (as it was literally the only object in the camera shot for the first two years of advertising). Seeing as this “smartphone” thing was a new concept, Apple wanted to…

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