Water Bottles : A Revolutionary Idea That Has Really Saved The Earth?

1588 Words Jun 13th, 2016 7 Pages
Recycling was a revolutionary idea that has really saved the Earth from dying out much sooner. Water bottles can seem to be a great thing to have when one is thirsty on the go however, it can do massive damage to our environment and when we go through many bottles a day all that damage accumulates massively. I propose an idea where you can have only one reusable water bottle. What makes this different from simply refilling the bottle you might ask? Well this bottle will have a filter inside it so it can clean any form of water and make it drinkable. It can be from ponds, oceans, rivers, rain, puddles, even the toilet and it all be clean drinkable water. The Earth is made up of 70 percent water so there are bound to be many moments where you can encounter water to filterize and drink, instead of lugging around many heavy water bottles to just throw away once consumed. This could make a revolutionary difference and help the environment greatly from the water bottle damage. The carbon footprint bottled water has created is great in measure and will only continue to increase. Water bottles use up much natural resources in the way it is provided. The sustainability of providing water bottles have been brought into question many times due to its enormous negative factors and accessibility. The carbon footprint water bottles leave behind is devastatingly harmful to the environment. The Water Project Inc. is an organization that has done their research on the damage done…

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