Water Bottle Essay

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Recycling was a revolutionary idea that has really saved the Earth from dying out much sooner. Water bottles can seem to be a great thing to have when one is thirsty on the go however, it can do massive damage to our environment and when we go through many bottles a day all that damage accumulates massively. I propose an idea where you can have only one reusable water bottle. What makes this different from simply refilling the bottle you might ask? Well this bottle will have a filter inside it so it can clean any form of water and make it drinkable. It can be from ponds, oceans, rivers, rain, puddles, even the toilet and it all be clean drinkable water. The Earth is made up of 70 percent water so there are bound to be many moments where you …show more content…
Water bottle demand has dramatically increased in the recent years. This can only mean more resources are being taken up to meet the demands. According to the WorldWatch Institute, an organization who visions a more sustainable future, stated “Excessive withdrawal of natural minerals or spring water to produce bottled water has threatened local streams and groundwater and the product consumes significant amounts of energy in production and shipping”. The presence of water bottles are clearly taking up more resources than what the water itself provides. How much longer until Earth runs out of springs and streams? The Pacific Institute provides a article titled “Bottled Water and Energy Fact Sheet” which bring facts they’ve researched on water bottles to the readers. Some of it is consistent with what Water Project Inc. provides and it has some facts of its own. It states that the bottles of P.E.T which is produced by fossil fuels such as natural gas and petroleum. The carbon dioxide emission was measured in 2006 to be 2.5 million tons from the production of water bottles. The energy required to make water bottles were measured in 3.4 megajoules per oil barrel and with there being more than 17 million barrels used up to make water bottles in 2006 really emphasises the waste of oil and energy put into its manufacturing. Water is wasted when filling up the bottles and the transportation rises with the demand. Are all these sacrifices of our resources worth for just some bottles to be consumed and thrown away? If we run out of the needed resources how will the bottled water be provided? How much longer until we run out with the demand increasing? All these questions have easy answers with the water bottle filter invention. One of these filtered bottles can last a singular person a lifetime. Humans consumes many water bottles on a daily basis which is why the need and

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