Visit The Co Op Family Center At Spencer View Essay

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I chose to visit The Co-op family center at Spencer View once again to evaluate their environment for an infant and/or toddler environment. I enjoyed visiting their preschool classroom, and I’m very pleased after viewing their infant and toddler classrooms! The toddlers and infants were gathered together in the same room while I was at The Co-op. Overall I feel like this center had almost all of the essential items that are found in many high-quality programs. I would recommend this center as a great place for an infant or a toddler.

Indoor Environment: The CCD addresses that “there shall be a minimum of 35 square feet of indoor activity area per child”, and this center provided more than 35 square feet per child. In the Willow room (ages: 1.5 through three years), there is a section of the room that is separated into a smaller room that is clearly a defined “home” space for the infants. The room is lined with large windows that you can see in and out of. The room for the infants is called The Honeysuckle room (ages:eight weeks through twelve months). During my visit the 6 infants in the honeysuckle room were combined into the willow room. Inside of the honeysuckle room there are mirrors placed low on the ground, and attached to the wall. There are mirrors in the corner of a wall so that infants can view a double reflection of their body. There are low tables, and shelves holding materials inside, placed around the perimeter of the room. This creates a large open space in…

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