Essay On Professional Work Experience

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Unique and distinctive aspects of my life. Since the time I graduated from high school, I have attained over 10 years of professional work experience. At the age of 18, I left home to serve in the United States Marine Corps. During this time, I lived in a world centered on personal discipline and mission accomplishment. I have experienced high stress situations of that tested and pushed my abilities. During those times, the keystones of disciple and mission accomplishment guided my success. I feel privileged to have worked for people who set outstanding examples of leadership that I aim to emulate. These aspects of the military lifestyle did not leave me at the end of my service. They became a foundation on which I molded my professional ambitions. Currently I work as a skydiving instructor. This occupation allows me to exercise my abilities in critical decision-making, as well as working in …show more content…
My ideal job would be to work for an organization that assists veterans. I am specifically interested in working with those who are transitioning from active duty back into the civilian life. I personally know that this can be a mentally and emotionally challenging time. I also understand that it is a time in which the apparent solutions to the problems they face can be potentially damaging. It is a period when some veterans make life altering, unhealthy choices. Working with people in this situation would be something truly rewarding to me, and a career in which I could make a positive impact on society. I feel that my own experiences in life will enable me to understand their situation, and provide help. Part of having a dream job is location. San Diego is a city that I have grown to love over the years and an area with a large veteran population. I have grown in a positive way from my time in the military and my time in San Diego. I would like to give back to both. My dream job would be to work in this city, helping those in need who deserve a better

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