Self Esteem In Elderly Adults

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In “Self-Esteem Is Relatively Stable Late in Life: The Role of Resources in the Health, Self-Regulation, and Social Domains,” the American Psychological Associations accesses their studies that had found a person’s self-esteem increases as they transition into young adults, plateaus near midlife, and then will continue to decline as the adult reaches and exceeds the age of 65. Studies have also shown that once an individual reaches the age of 60, their self-esteem will remain stable. Individuals who are very old age or close to death experience many changes including health constraints that challenge the way that they evaluate themselves. Control in one’s life, such as behavior, finances, and the ability to adapt to daily challenges, has been …show more content…
Frailty is a very common syndrome that many older adults have to face. Individuals who have the syndrome typically have poor physical and mental health. This will lead many older adults to be hospitalized or sent to nursing homes and very severe cases may lead to death. Frailty Syndrome affects around seven to sixteen percent of people over the age of 65. Every older adult is at risk of frailty and there is no cure. To prevent or treat frailty, the individual needs to increase their physical activity, increase their strength and their exercise tolerance. Their nutrition is also a very important factor in determining frailty so if the individual has a poor diet, they would need to improve it through the help of a dietician. Educating older adults and their families could greatly reduce their risk of frailty, which is where I would come in. According to AARP, around 10,000 adults turn 65 every day. Older adults are a huge sector of the marketing industry and it is very important to appeal to them. Roughly 70% of all disposable income in the United States will come from this demographic within the next five years and my job would be to essentially make money for whichever pharmaceutical company I work for. Educating older adults and their families on the effects that frailty have would be a very big money-maker. A major project that a pharmaceutical company could take would be to release commercials about the dangers of frailty. They could include the effects that frailty has but always leave a hopeful message that it is preventable and they should start with changes immediately. This would include trying to boost the sales of medications for other medications such as blood pressure, anti-depressants, cholesterol, etc. Elderly individuals

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