Erikson's Psychosocial Development Essay

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The eight stages of Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development identify the developmental pattern a normal individual would experience from birth to death. The first stage is trust versus mistrust. You experience this from birth to the first year of your life. Who the baby could rely on for care, affection, and warmth will develop the baby’s sense of trust. Inadequate care may lead to developmental or personality problems in the near future. This stage is extremely important because it sets the foundation for the remaining seven. The second stage, autonomy versus doubt and shame experienced at ages one to three, gives the baby a sense of independence in the world. Doubt and shame sets in when the child is not encouraged to do things for his or …show more content…
A good marriage or relationship with peers is common for successful young adults. On the other hand, despair and isolation could be experienced by young adults who have failed at a young age to meet the demands of the world. They do not feel comfortable interacting with others or they have issues with trust. The seventh stage, generativity versus self-absorption, is the ability to give or not to give. Being able to provide a home for your family would be a positive outcome. Being able to barely get by would be considered a negative outcome. Last but not least, the eighth stage, integrity versus despair at age sixty-five to death. You develop a sense of integrity if you were successful in the last seven stages. You are ready retire and watch your children and grandchildren develop. Despair is experienced when you realize there was so much more you could have accomplished, but it is too late to start over. You still have regrets and are not ready to move on. Erik Erikson suggested that there are eight set stages for you to unfold as you develop, also known as the epigenetic principle. Meaning, influences from your environment, genes, and culture would help shape your personality in these predetermined stages. Tesia Nguyen, is a 30-year-old Asian American business owner, married, and an expecting mother. She has a stable job which helps when starting a family, and

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